Dont forget to buy a new license!


The wanted posters say Tim Hartman
Yeah, I have the new license but I forgot that last year I purchased my Discover Pass on March 28, not April 1 so it expired 3/28/13.

After church yesterday the wife and I packed up a picnic lunch and drove to Fort Flagler SP to enjoy the sunshine (and for me to check out the beaches and water up there!). I did purchase a new Discover Pass but for some reason was thinking it started on April 1 just like my fish license. So of course I left it at home and realized when we got to Flagler that the pass in the car was expired. The wife said "Oh just hang it up, it's only been 2 days expired." I decided not to chance it and purchased a one-day pass for $10.

Good move on my part as while we were eating lunch we could see a ranger issuing citations for no or expired passes!

I didn't really feel all that bad about paying the $10 as just that morning I was reading a newspaper article about the budget woes of our state park system. In the current biennium, Washington state's support for parks is $17.2 million, down from $94.3 million in 2007-09 (The state was hoping fees such as the Discover Pass would make up the difference)! Permanent staff has been cut almost 35% since 2009 and 66 of 189 full-time rangers have been relegated to seasonal. There's no other state which relies as heavily on user fees to fund parks and this funding model is failing miserably.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
OK. I'm not in the mood for acting out any "civil disobedience" fantasies. Right after I log out, I'm headed to Grayland Hardware to get mine! Best investment I can think of!


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I remembered....but thanks for the reminder anyway. For the past several years I've been getting checked at least once a season (maybe I'm getting more shifty looking as I grow older?) and would have been ashamed to be cited for not having one.

David Loy

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Yeah, the "tough guy" (smart ass really) in me would like to say f. no, don't need no stinking license. But, I'm a player and don't mind paying my way. They're hurting in spite of bad management. Thanks for the reminder.


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Just dropped the 54 bones at ed's surplus for the fishing license and another 35 for the discover pass two days later because I forgot all about the Damn Discover Pass! :(
Thanks for the reminder. I sent in the punchcards, but overlooked the license dates. I guess I will break down and buy the ^%$&( Discover Pass. I wouldn't mind the fee but I hate being jerked around by the
legislature. I can't help but believe that we could do a better job of managing the money we have, but that is another story. Thanks for the heads up and my rant is over.
New license (fishing, fresh and salt with endorsments + small game) with all tags (turkey) and catch record card and parking and discoiver pass = 180.00++.
Ouch, but good for the year....

Dr Bob

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So a little clarification on the difference between the Vehicle Access Pass and the Discovery Pass. I read the following:

A Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass is REQUIRED on all recreation sites owned by WDFW. Hunters, fishers, and trappers get a Vehicle Access Pass without additional cost, as part of their first annual license purchase excluding the annual shellfish license. Annual and One-day Discover Passes may be purchased separately.

So my confusion is, if I get a Vehicle access Pass with my license, which I have been gettting over the years, what additionally does the Discovery Pass provide?

Thanks. :confused: