"Don't let your meat loaf!"

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    Sep 23, 2003
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    Bitteroot's thread showing the meatloaf stuffed acorn squash brought back some fond memories. Back in the 60's when I was just a kid serving my apprenticeship in El Segundo I used to make regular trips to the Sierra Nevada to go backpacking. I was so anxious to get out of the LA area that I would make the 300 mile drive up 395 on weekends at times just to hike up to 12,000' or so and get a chance to breathe some pure air. I had a Porsche roadster at the time to cut down on the driving time and often exceeded 100mph on those long lonely stretches.

    Somewhere north of Mojave and south of Lone Pine was an old dilapidated building on the north side of the road with this sage advice painted on the side: "Don't let your meat loaf!" It always brought a smile to my face and reminded me that the drive was more than half over.

    It is still good advice a half century later. :rofl:

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    I'll bet ya dollars to donuts you wish you still had that Porsche!:) Great story Ive...and I always strive to never let my meat loaf!!!