Double team

Here is a picture of my friend Justin and my good dog Lex with opening mornings rooster.
Lex was working hard to get this rooster up out of the heavy cover along Winchester waste way.
That is a tired looking dog!!! I know that area well- the roosters are wise get a lot of hunting pressure. You and your dog have to work for those birds!!

My dad used to have a golden retriever. She wasn't naturally very good at hunting and prefered to walk behind you most of the time. But once she caught the scent of a bird she would turn on and be as driven as any dog I've ever seen.
At this point I had shot at and missed one rooster, had seen 10 hens, many quail and the dog had seen many more birds than we did.
I love my goldens, they will hunt until they drop.
After that rooster, we saw many more quail and another 1/2 dozen hens.