Swap Down N Dirty Steelhead swap


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Here's the deal.

I'm looking for 12 tiers to tie their dirtiest, nastiest steelhead flies. No beautifully crafted Spey flies. No 1-hour-per-fly intruders. No flies that look pretty swinging through a run. I want your egg clusters, leaches, and (dare I say it) rubber worms (or at least a representation there of). I want the flies you tie on when no one is looking and you want to catch a fish. Once we have people signed up we'll pick a due date, but figure sometime in mid January.

1. Rob Ast
2. Mumbles
3. Scottflycst
4. Chef
5.Bob Jones
6.Stilly Stalker
7. Whit
8. Ringlee
9. Jeff Bandy

Rob you can put me down as number 10


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OK, I'm the F.(fishin')N.G. here, but I can pull together so me pretty tasty junk, sign me up for #12 if there is still space....



Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
I see what you did there...

But I sold all my shit. I don't do well with tedious crafts like tying. I've bought and re-sold collections of tying stuff about a half dozen times now... You'd think I would have figured out that I can't stand doing it. A typical session of me tying is a fly getting half done, then me breaking the nearest breakable object out of frustration.
Doode, just send a dozen beads and score some flies, simple:thumb::rofl:

Rob Ast

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So we are full at 12, with a few more requests to join. Are the first 12 tiers cool with bumping it to 15? I'm not sure if Evan was serious with his pegged bead, but I know I'll steal any fishy mojo I can get from that guy. I'll let the first 12 guys chime in, over the next day or two, then we'll pick a due date.