Dream Streams


Lost my MARBLES!!!!!
Great report and I love the pics! Those rainbows you are catching may just be steelhead smolt especially if you are seeing steelhead up in there! Nice Job!

One of the best reports (photo show) I've ever read. Your research and exploration have resulted in some real gems. Next time someone comes looking for a hand out....posting - "where can I catch big fish in small streams in WA?"... we should simply link to this post and say "Do Your Homework." Time for me to whip out the maps and Goggle Earth and look for some new spots. Thanks for the motivation.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
If this thread and your pics don't inspire more peeps to get out there and explore, then all hope is lost! Awesomely inspiring! thanks!

Myself, I plan to do more exploring of streams and upper watersheds out in my area.

Bradley Miller

Dances with fish
I agree with you, Jim:
I'm thinking of doing some more yak exploring tomorrow in the rain.
The first photo in this post should be one of those inspirational posters with the caption:
'Explore.....it's a beautiful planet'