Drift Boat Trailer and Interior

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I have this old Wooldridge drift boat,


and I've currently got the trailer disassembled for grinding and repainting. Anybody have experience painting trailers? What kind of paint would you recommend? Also I'd like to replace the ply wood interior and I'm looking for ideas. I like the look of something like this...


but it seems like you'd constantly be dropping things between the cracks and trying to fish them out. Anybody got ideas, suggestions, or pictures to share?

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I second the black shiny Hammerite for the trailer. I painted part of my trailer with Hammerite and part with rust oleum, the Hammerite still looks good the rust oleum looks like shit.

As far as the decking goes, stick with the plywood, like you said you're more likely to drop things between the boards. I would recommend putting carpet over your plywood. The inside pieces of plywood only last a few seasons so you may as well make it nice until you have to replace it. I run a wood drift boat and I have plywood, with nonskid on it, The carpet is loosely attached with screws and is removed when storing in winter.
Good luck
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Check around and see what it would cost to get it powder coated, it is probably a lot cheaper than you think.
I've seen a few aluminum boats that were powder coated. They look great until you hit some rocks or flex the hall in any way, it will crack and chip tell it all falls apart. But they do look great

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Glad someone appreciates it as much as me.
Just this one:


Both those shots are from the craigslist ad I bought it from. I had some shots of it on a few rivers but they're on my now ex-wives computer. Anyway, got the trailer mostly cleaned up, just have to sandblast the smaller parts. Any suggestions for color?

I wish there was more options... Maybe dark green to match the plywood...