driftboat for sale

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14' lavro great trailer new bearings and tires recently rewired tows great. Boat is white with new rope for guide seat and front seat, new back seat folds down and swivels. Oars, anchor, extra parts and cover included. Bottom is in great shape. Floating the Selway this season and love floating small water but don't have a place to park my boat. Can't sell the boat for less than 2300$ or I'll keep. Great boat, very hard for me to sell, always covered and well taken care of.


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does it have casting braces in the front?

can you post a couple photos (side view and inside view)?

Where is the boat locatated now?

thanks in advance

The boat is in seattle. It does have casting brace in the front. Ill try to put a picture in here if I can or if your in the area come take a look the reason im selling is because I am purchasing a raft.
if you would like to see a picture of this boat go to the lavro driftboat web site it is the 14R at this piont i will accept offers if its fair it also has a motor mount you just unbolt the anchor arm'pully great lake/river boat.
Do you have any pictures that you can e-mail me of your drift boat. Have you ever plugged for salmon out of this boat. Have you ever had two people in front of the rower and back trolled, what I'm asking, does the drift boat glide when your back trolling or are you working hard and doing a lot of sweating. What year was the driftboat made? Thanks.

e-mail: [email protected]
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