Dry Falls again anyone?


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Ah hell, I am in! Why not a drift boat? I was warm and dry! A little fly competition? Hmmmmmmmmmm, I will toss myself in as a ref as well. Better start resting my liver!



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Roper, The Highland thing sounds particularly good in mid to late May. My Ferry County-Okonogan County tour is taking place then and perhaps I can hook up with you guys. This years extended trip so far has penciled in Aenas, Beaver, Little Beaver, Beth, northern Blue, Chopaka, Ell, Long, Lost, Molson, Sidley and Wannacut. If I have missed something that I really should fish let know and I'll work it into the schedule.
I'm anxious to hear what date you guys will settle on for Dry Falls-I'll go over the week before and conduct a fish aerobics class so they are all in shape by the time you guys show up!:) Ive


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I am soooooooooo all over it!

I'll bring the sheep skin and this time I'll be rowing my Chironomid boat.


PS Hey Whitney! You going to show?


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If your going, then No. Sorry, but you are a low down dirty scum bucket of the highest order.lol I would like to see ropers crib in the highlands, pencil me down for that one. Whitney}(


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whats the camping situation up there? I thought that you cant camp by the lake and the nearset place is Sun Lakes State Park where you have to pay:bawling Am I wrong? that is the only reason I havent gone there before


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nope, your correct. But the drive is a mere 2.5 minutes on a slow dirt road....no big deal.

I think the fee is 5 bucks a night??

~Patrick ><>


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two and a half minutes, you know what I can do in that time? Well my girlfriend sure does....}(

Just kidding, count me in. I have driven by that lake too many times and not fished it...


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>What was the dates last year? Didn't we go cause it
>was open early?

April 1st last year...dunno if they'll change it this year.


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O.k. turn out is looking good, can we set this date as solid for everyone so we can put it on the calander? We need some gee-tar players:rofl too - bhudda


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Contests with prizes?? Sweet!!! Watch out though, don't want the Fly Fishing Masters guys to show up and whoop our asses. I better start tying my 4 1/2" woolhead sculpins...


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Im bringing a 3 weight, a 6 string, a 12 pack and a 24 exposure camera for 48 hours of drunken good times.

Hows that for early morning exponentials.:professor
I'll bet my Sage 5120 (trout spey) would pull 20 feet of leader out of the water. It rocks for dry fly fishing. I'll have to put some thought into it though. Wasn't a weekend dad last time and every moment with my kids is cherished. Maybe Grandma would like 'em for the day in Lake Wetsnatchee. I'd have to take vacation on that Friday so let us confirm these dates and I'll have to dwell on this.

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Andy, should that not have been 48 beers for 12 hours of a good time??

Count me in, wouldn't pass up watch'n Powens trying to cast 20 feet of leader again