Dry Falls: Stepping Over to the Dark Side....

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by pcknshvl, Apr 28, 2003.

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    Mar 4, 2003
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    Fished all weekend. Caught my first Tiger, a small fella, on a Griffith's Gnat on Sat. evening. Trolling with leeches after sundown was effective. Sporadic action during the day with small olive buggers and other damsel-suggestive, attractors. Also some dry action with Gnats, Callibaetis, emergers.

    My best day was Saturday, the day I stepped over to the Dark Side.

    I have always refused to fish chironimids--I never cared for the thought of sitting and staring at a bobber. But Saturday, around noon, I tired of tempting the working trout near the shore with dries and emergers and went deep. I guessed at the depth, tied on a Jim Beam, and droppered a small, kelly-green Flashabou nymph with a brass bead off that. In 90 minutes, I had four fish to hand, broke off one, and and LDR'd a couple others. Most fish went for the tiny green one, but one (confirmed) ate the Jim Beam, and I suspect the one that broke me off went for JB as well. I'll never scoff at bobber-watching again. My buddies started referring to me as Darth.

    Sunday was pretty slow, LDR'd two while trolling a Carey Bugger, and broke off another just before leaving. On a chironimid.

    Beautiful weather the whole time, except for the afternoon "breeze" on Saturday.

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    Great Report Tom! Thanks. I am tempted to make that trip again. The Chironomid fishing there eluded me last time. I caught one but kept missing the others. Slow reaction time due to the sleepless night next to Whitey and listening to Old Man Jim cuss out his mattress.

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    I was there this past weekend too. On Saturday, I caught a couple of browns and a tiger trout on tiny (size 20, 22) olive beadhead chironomids and another tiger on a size 18 grey bodied midge emerger. Missed a couple on a size 18 black bodied emerger. On Sunday, I got up thinking that I was lacking enough color diversity in my chironomid collection, so I tied up a few new ones, including a couple 16s with a Kelly green flashabou body, glass beadhead and peacock herl thorax. My dad laughed at me as I was tying it up. Funny thing is I caught five fish on that pattern and broke another one off. Also got into some pretty good surface action (another 4 fish, with one breakoff) in the shallow end using big midge emergers (the adults coming off must have been size 10).
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    Jan 1, 2002
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    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    Well what do you expect. I drank coke all day and beer all night. What was trying to get to sleep was a wide awake drunk. Besides it was cold out and all that beer kept making me go out side. Hench no sleeping. But I'd like to try that place again sometime in the near future.

    Oh one more thing Mac your going to have to stop picking on me as I'm starting to get a complex.:p