Dry Falls

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Arrived late Thursday at Dry Falls. Up at O'dark thirty on Fri. to hit the lake for browns. I didn't get any, but my buddy picked up (2), 19 - 20". We did okay and ended up with about (15) B4 lunch. Went back out about 15:30 and fished until after dark. Hit (3) more after dark, more hits.
Sat. - O'dark thirty again. First cast, brown, 17". That was it for me at this spot. Moved to a spot that had been good to us the day B4 and it continued to be. Took a trip down to the end of the arm, nice paddle. Again fished until dark with some success. A lot of people out today - 30+. It was a real mixed bag on success.
Sun. - Slept in today, on the lake about 0800. We picked up about (15) B4 we left about 1200 to pack up and head back.

Flies used? It was a real mixed bag but included: Leeches - black; WB's - Maroon, black, olive crystal flash bead head; water boatman, black flashback, olive damel nymphs.

We did do better than most folks out there over the weekend. (Not bragging, mind you, just the facts.) The fish were fat, healthy and a lot of fun. Even the little guys, 10 - 14" were scrappers.

Last item - It was cold! Bring the heavy winter gear from now on!
Ok, I'll chime in with a report on DF:

Sat 26th, on water around 9ish (cool, but not numbing) - first cast of dark green leech - fish on! De-hooked that much quicker.. humm..luck?
Slow overall, but a 3 total. All on either green buggers or gold bead head dragon leechy sort of thing, using type II line, 4x flouro. Fish seemed smaller than other times at this lake - largest was only 15". No browns fetched this time around. Hey, you guys notice the fancy new "facility"? No more door blow'in in the wind!!

Called it a day at DF around noon, headed down to the Rocky Ford.
Mid section, between hatchery and last parking lot.
Used a #16 sparkle dun, just got the "drift" right as it can be tricky in this stream getting the correct angle and all.
Hooked up nice 20+, ran almost to backing. Almost landed - as I knelt down by the rock streamside, the beast broke off 4x. Oh well, any large RBT at RF is good in my book.

With the time change and all, the darkness would be soon, so headed north again. Passed Lenore, saw lots of folks fishing it earlier in the day - anyone know how it's doing?
I was going to float or shore cast Lenore, but it was about sunset and the Monday office blues set me back to reality...

another day I tell myself... the lake will still be there:)


Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Dry Fly:

Sounds like you did better than most people I talked to out there on Sat.

That new facility is nice. Just hope it doesn't get trashed....