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"Chasing Riseforms"
It's time to catch some steelhead on surface flies. Here's your chance to shine. Would love to see some nice skaters or whatever suits your fancy! I'm looking for 10 tiers with a deadline of September 7. No slackers, September 7. I will be tying a "Steelhead Bee". I need these by September 7th because I will be heading to Idaho, Oregon and maybe farther for several weeks chasing mostly trout. Well, maybe steelhead too! Any takers? :)


#1- dryflylarry--Steelhead Bee
#2- Big Tuna--Steelhead Caddis
#3- Cameron Derbyshire--Unknown Masterpiece at this Time..
#4- D3Smartie--Another Unknown Masterpiece
#5- Mumbles--After Dinner Mint or Riffle-Dancer
#6- reamse--Scarab Beetle & Stunted Madam X
#7- Jeremy Floyd--Assassin

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
After asking DFL, he's letting me in. Sorry guys, rookie tyers need the pressure to grow. I'll start searching for a nice dry steelhead pattern and try not to embarass myself.

Ed Call

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I'm looking at a pattern called "after dinner mint" and another called "riffle-dancer". I think I'll be trying one of those.