Dutch Oven Ham

Jerry Daschofsky

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That there sounds excellent!!! I just might have to do that for breakfast one day this week. Warm up that cream cheese so it is just soft and gooey. mmm.... can't wait!!! - thanks Jerry!
Oh, I forgot, sometimes I do toss a fried egg on top of that too. Actually, if you toast the bagel it'll start softening up the creamcheese and then you toss that hot ham on there it'll melt it more. So best to not get it too warmed up. The other stuff will do it for you. :)


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Ok Jerry - I cooked up your breakfast sandwich this morning. No picture this time, but here is how it went.
Sliced the bagel and buttered both halves and fried them in my cast iron skillet until golden brown.
Spread Philly cream cheese on half and closed the halves together to start the softening process.
Went out to the Chicken Coop and stole an egg and fried it up in the skillet as well.
Layed that in the bagel as well.
Next I fried up slices of the ham and added the leftover brown sugar glaze that I reserved from the dutch oven.
I let that cook until the glaze started to thicken and then I added the ham to the sandwich and dribbled that sweet brown glaze over it all.
Next I topped with the bagel half and enjoyed with a cup of freshly brewed french roast.

I gotta tell you. That thickened glaze mixed with the cream cheese was freakin' awesome. I can't wait until tomorrow morning and do it all over again.

Jerry Daschofsky

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glad you liked it. Ham doesn't last long in my house. Now that my kids are older its nice seeing them making it this way. Hell they even make an extra one to take to school with them for lunch. But always better when it's a hot gooey mess.


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You guys are driving me crazy! That ham looks and sounds so good! I just finished some cranberries, which are cooling, and pulled two pumpkin pies out of the oven. I think I will be a pig on Thanksgiving! :)


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Something I did on the last ham which I think made it moist and flavorful was to use the Cajun Injector and inject a mix of 50:50 maple syrup and apple juice. About 1/2c of each for a 10lb ham but I just kept injecting whatever ran back out of the ham until I thought it was saturated.
One of the best tasting and definitely the most moist ham I've ever had. I imagine you can sub honey or some brown sugar if you don't have maple syrup.

Bradley Miller

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Thanks guys for the help. You're right, it didn't get a bark like I had in mind. It turned out as a good glaze. The brown sugar rub did result in a chewy outer layer that was really flavorful. I cut back quite a bit on the brown sugar based on your suggestions. I cooked it a bit too long. When I sliced it, it was falling apart. I served it up with scallops potatoes and caesar salad. Now I have a weeks worth of excellent ham sandwich meat from the leftovers. I also ended up buying about a 9 lbs ham instead. :)

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Leaving now for Safeway........