e-Bay to ban any gun part sales.

I'm mixed on this. For one, you have people that are using firearms for hunting. Second you have people using firearms for collecting, and third, you have people using firearms for wrong doings. eBay is simpling cutting it all out in the prevention of the wrong doers obtaining firearms for their own wrong ways or using them. Plain and simple. eBay is way too easy for anyone to purchase firearm type goods very easily. This just makes it harder for those types to obtain them. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with it and I agree with eBay for banning this type of usage.

Now, I do feel for the types that are buying for legal hunting and collecting. This reduces a market that reduces the costs of retail considerably. Unfortunately, all it take is a few people to ruin it for everyone. We all know this in all types of society.
Jonnie, I'm done with you.

No you're not!
I can jerk your little chain just about any time I want, and you'll (over) react in a manner which is easily predicted by anyone who's ever bothered to read the negative drivel that you regurgitate with boring regularity.

About the only thing I ever bought on EBay was gun related and a few fishing items, so I guess they will lose my small amount of dollars. As for the rest of this thread I'll just say: I'd like to go hunting or fishing with Roper anytime (met him once on Lone Lake) and I'm glad Jason doesn't live in WA.
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