Early Fathers Day fishing

Son took me to the Driftless for Fathers Day on Saturday. Left after work on Friday and spent the night in Fennimore at Napps Motel. Ripped my waders crossing a barbwire fence before we even got on the water. First stream was almost boiling with surface activity. Threw every thing at them, nothing on dry's. Next pool switched to subsurface and started catching fish. Left and went to another stream, some guys were camped at the middle. Last stream of the day was an old reliable. Had a great time. Just about the end, someone had walked in from the bridge and was fishing in front of us in the best pool. UHHHRg! Talked to the guy and they did not catch anything?????? They left and we fished it with flyrods and pulled a few fish, but not what we were expecting. All in all a great day.

Great pictures!

I will be moving back to Chesterton Indiana first of July. When I lived out there before this was one area I always wanted to go, but never could get the time. Since we will be living there for a few years, I will make it up there this time, no doubt about it!

That is so awesome to be fishing with your son and making memories of a great trip. Looks like the fish were just an added bonus! The smiles make the pictures worth another look!