Ell, Lost, and Aeneas Lake reports.

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    I took a few days off and went east of the mountains grouse hunting and fishing last week. I found Ell Lake in sad shape, it's about 10 feet low and fish are belly up. A couple camping there said they found fish in the middle, but they had little fight in them. It's sad, the lake seems to be slowly dying. The last 3 years it has gone down-hill fast.
    My next stop was Lost Lake above Bonaparte. My first time there, it's a pretty lake with an old CCC campground on the shore. Nice area, I'll be back there next year in the spring. There were three flyfishers on the water when I got there and they were getting skunked. They said the bait guys were doing good though. Sure enough, they were. So being adventureous, I launched the FishCat and went trouting. I grabbed a little Bow in the shallows with a sink line and small bugger. Followed by a bigger Brookie, another Bow and a final 12" Brookie. The Brookies were spunkier than the Bows! Hail and rain chased me off the water and I headed for my property above Oroville.
    The next morning I headed for Aeneas and got on shore just before daybreak. A real nice guy and his son were there and we BS'd about what was happening on the lake. They had done well the night before close into shore using short leaders and bunny leeches. It was a quite morning with little action, Greg got one fish and I was due to get skunked again by Aeneas. I tried everything, sink line, floating, big bugs, little nymphs, NADA! After breakfast, I was sitting on the shore watching life when Mr. Rainbow comes cruising by in about a foot of water, ten feet from shore. I run up to the truck and swear I'm not letting this fish get away. Greg hands me the smallest beadhead nymph I have ever seen and tells me this is the bug. Ferchristsakes, I need my glasses just to see the thing. Well, my tactics didn't work earlier so I concede to his wisdom. Mr. T comes back, I cast 10" in front of his nose, he locks on, chomp, he's mine!!! A very nice 19-20" Bow takes several runs, jumps, and jiggles. Finally to hand, I found the tiny bug planted firmly in the roof of his mouth. I held hiim while he caught his breath and off he went into safety of deeper water. Greg tells me most of the fish they caught are still stressing out easily so be aware if you fish there soon, the water is still warm in the lake.
    Thank the Big Guy for jewels of ruffed grouse and trout to make someting in our lives memorable. :THUMBSUP

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