Ellensburg Fly Fishing Fair


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I plan on attending the Ellensburg Fly Fishing Fair next month. I've never gone. What can I expect as far as fly tying goes? Seminars, hands on, tons of cool stuff to buy? Having just started fly tying, I'm hoping to be able to soak up a ton of info.


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I've attended the past two years, just for an afternoon. It's been well worth the effort to go. Pick up the program on the way in and scan it for tiers that are covering interesting ground for you. Sit with them for as long as you like. The seminars are great as well. I got some very cool insight into Hawaii bonefishing last year. The year before the highlight was a tell-all talk on central OR stillwaters. I haven't been to either destination since but it's always interesting to hear a good talk on some amazing fishery.

The casting seminars look great but I haven't signed up for anything yet.


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Also, a follow-up question. I see it is May 3, 4 (Friday & Saturday). I've got Fridays off and figure it would be less crowded but is one day better than the other due to seminars, etc?
If Lee Davison from Snake River Outfitters in Rigby, ID makes the show, he'd be a good one to talk to about casting a two hander, as well as some of the guys here on the forum.

As far as fly tyers goes, there's about 90 tyers a day manning tables tying everything from simple nymphs to full dress Atlantic Salmon flies. The whole idea is to share techniques, tying styles and short cuts with other tyers from beginner to expert.

My wife and I will be tying both days, Friday from 2-5 PM, tables 5 and 6, Saturday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, same tables. She spins and stacks deer hair and I tie some century old style wet flies and flymphs.

There are some creaming deals on feathers and other materials. If all the tyers get up and run outside, it means the guy with the car trunk full of bird skins just showed up, cash only, and really, really good prices.

Friday is usually less crowded.

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