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    For the longest time, my friend, Elsie, has been asking me to tie her a Salmon fly.
    Today was the day, since its her birthday tomorrow. This pattern is from Fishing Gazette, and is also in Hale 3rd edition.

    Hook is a vintage 2/0 effort

    The veils on the rear third and the cheeks are genuine blue enameled thrush, a very kind gift from a friend

    The wing is stacked loose tippets. Pattern called for tippet strands (plenty) so i stripped the longest fibers from 4 of the longest feathers on the neck i had and tie them in stacked on top of eachother.

    Cheeks (blue thrush) and sides of JC were specifically listed as extra size.

    Probably could have should have tied it on a smaller hook given the Jay throat - i use the very biggest feather i had.

    First time tying multiple loose tippets in a bunch - seems like it worked out pretty well.