end of season Neah Bay report

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    I fished the last two days of salmon season this weekend.

    Between this trip and the last trip, I think someone snuck in there and replaced all the fat 10+ pound coho with shakers. The shaker fishing was on fire! :)

    We started out saturday by hitting the first tide rip west of wada island, my buddy had a nice hatchery fish to the boat within 5 minutes (his first salmon on the fly). We caught a more wild fish there, and Ibn's boat was doing well too. We were off to a good start. We then moved out west toward tatoosh hoping for some even hotter action. I caught a nice 10+ pound wild fish right away, but after that it wasn't the usual crazy coho bonanza.

    I think the shift in weather the past few weeks sent much of the fish onward to their home rivers, or the really strong outgoing rip was pushing the fish further out to sea (or a combination of both). Whatever the case the shakers moved in to fill the void. I had caught about zero shakers this summer at neah bay, but they were out in force on this trip.

    Saturday they were calling for a 12' west swell. So there was some nice big rollers out there. That combined with a very strong outgoing tide, made the rockfishing opportunities a little tough. I pulled up next to the rocks on cape flattery, and decided to bag rockfishing because there was a big sucking rip current combined with big rollers smashing the rocks.

    Sunday was even slower. Although the weather was real nice. Many more shakers and a few wild fish. Not one of the most epic neah bay trips for me, but hey I was out there and fishing. No complaints here. As I told my buddy on the way in, if this was Puget Sound it would have been a most excellent day of fishing.

    Surely no crowd at the boat launch either, when I launched saturday the fish checker said there were 20 boats out. I looked at the Olson's Resort site and they had over 600 people fishing the Sekiu coho derby on Saturday.

    until we meet again neah bay! thanks for the memories...

    river time cometh.