Epic Trip Planning--E. WA, Idaho, Montana

Rick Todd

Active Member
My suggestion:
St Joe, NF Clearwater/Kelly creek, Lochsa, and Selway. All Idaho not too much winshield time, more river time.
I'll second Jesse here. More fishing and less driving. You will mostly be catching westslopes, but I have also caught some very nice bows in the NF of the Clearwater. That river is definitely worth a day float in a pontoon boat. Rick
Couple of things Montana related. Rock Creek is always a great option. It's easy enough wading and there is plenty of access. Rock Creek gets hammered this time of year, and I mean hammered. If you have the time look at your Rock Creek Map. This time of year I will only go up there, on a weekday, and I always will go to at least Microburst. That's a great place to start a long day of fishing and there are plenty of campsites around there that are roadside. It's pretty safe spot as well. Philipsburg will be your closest town, so not much crime on Rock Creek Rd, although that's never guaranteed. As for the Clark Fork. It's a tough one to fish without a boat, unless you are on the Upper Stretch near Tuxedo or something. I would recommend the N. Fork of the Blackfoot to that list. It doesn't get hit as hard because of it's location. It's just outside of Ovando, MT. There is a decent fly shop there, and the Stray Bullet Cafe has a great breakfast menu. Lastly, plan a couple of days to hang out in Missoula. We love traveling anglers.
San Poil is full of down trees ? I have property outside of Keller and although there are some down trees, it was not too severe, most the down was in areas of past logging disturbance or root rot pockets. I am going over soon, will try to give you an update.

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Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
The San Poil is a good river to fish had large trout in it rules have change can not target native Bows must keep Bass, Walleye, Pike make sure you read the Coleville Indian Res Regs got a $80 ticket for parking too close to the river actually they claim I was on the river bed there were other track too here is a pic two yrs ago


I like Kelly creek over the Joe, I did very well a couple of years ago
In the fall on the Lochsa and the Selway, Do some exploring and find
Your sweet spot.
Kelly Michesen