"Equipment Philosphy" from Henrich Mortensen

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mark Walker, Jan 6, 2010.

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    It seems that his style of fishing is the same as yours, NOT.
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    How refreshing to read this from an equipment manufacturer. With so much hype everywhere we look in this sport, it's a pleasure to see that at least one maker defines success as when their customers catch fish - not how fast their latest and greatest rods are selling.

    Can you even imagine what would happen if companies like Sage or Simms DIDN'T introduce new and ever-more expensive products every year? News flash: we'd all still have a great time catching the same number of fish with our old gear.

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    I like it but will have to see it in action. and in my situation I'm not likely to get that chance. I do wonder how his pricing will compare or is this another way to raise prices.
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    Set a tone and hope the rest will follow

    Henrik Mortensen:
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    I dig Mort. I love watching and re watching his dvd's as I am trying to develop my own style of under hand casting, though more a hybrid version with allot of Kinney mixed in...

    All that said...Meiser!!! Bob Meiser has been putting his grain window on his rods since I don't know when...This has made a huge difference to me personally as I can see what the rod will cast within that window..i.e. lower end for scandi heads, higher for skagit and longer bellied lines. The number on the rod is so far off between manufactures it's amazing...

    He's so correct in that at least with spey/switch rods the hardest part of it is finding the right line...some rods want heavy, some hate heavy lines and going lighter works better...There aren't many "bad" rods out there anymore it's just finding the right lines that will work on them..which in itself is very frustrating....

    So thank you Bob, because you normally get a line with your rod that he recommends for it...That line gives you a decent starting point...buy a grain scale and weight your lines and bingo you can dial it in so much faster and cheaper....