Swap estuary chinook fly swap

Clint F

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Ok, this will be my fist time running a fly swap but have contributed in a few now. This swap is for estuary chinook flies. I was thinking 8 people other than me so every one will tie 8 flies. I was planning on the deadline being June 25th. I think this is enough time. So let me know what you will be tying. No offence beginners but I would like to try to keep this to the advanced group of tyers. :) Swap closes the 26th of May.

Clint F

1. Clint F-blue moon
2. Zach M
3.Cameron Derbyshire
4.Slippery whippet
6.Ron McNeal
7.Steve Rohrbach
8.Jake Bannon

Zach M

Because I floss so hard
Hey clint i think i will get in this. not sure what im going to tie yet but i will figure it out soon enough. when are we going fishing?

Clint F

Fly Fishing Youth
I dont know when we will get out together. Fishing has been on hold durring the week for school but as soon as summer comes I am free. I am just fishing on the weekends now.

I'm in. I've got a pattern I know works well with estuary Coho, though I have not yet tried it on Chinook (yet), I have a feeling it will work there too. It is called the "Lava Swim".

Clint F

Fly Fishing Youth
Ok this swap is now closed since we are close to the due date. 7 flies sent to me by june 25th. I will send my address in a pm tonight.


Clint F

Fly Fishing Youth
They look great Cameron. I am just making sure you know you only need one fly.
I also got jake bannons today and they also look good.



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Clint I have tied up 8. Let me know when we are going to get out and fish so I can hand them off to you.
This fly has been responsible for 100% of the estuary chinook I have caught around here. ;)