Evening hatch on Yakima


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Fishing for Yakima trout seems to be good now... I don't know the name of the insect but little green flies was hatching from 7pm till dusk and elk hair caddis of similar size work good... I was with two beginners and one of them hooked his first fat rainbow. He was so lucky! I caught one very bright 14" cutthroat and couple of good-sized rainbows, beside countless strikes of smolts. The only one negative thing was consistent strong wind along the canyon.

Scott Salzer

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Congrats! The wind can be a real pain, kind of a cast and duck situation. The barbless hooks are easy to remove from the skin & clothes.... I may just have to play hooky from work one of these weeks days. Were you in the canyon between Cle Elum & Ellensburg or lower?


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You absolutely right about barbless hooks and clothes (neck, legs, etc :). I usually fishing between Cle Elum and Thorp,
along Hwy 10. River was high and too swift for wading now so we was limited to bank access only. Is it the same in the lower stretches below Ellensburg?