Ever fish the outgoing tide for Searuns at night?

Took my daughter out for some FF casting lessons. Then I felt I had to hit the water for some fish. Hooked up and landed one at dusk, but nothing after it got dark. The tide was still moving out and a saw a few jumps here and there. So, do any of you regularly fish the salt for cuts at night and if so do you find that some flies/colors work better than others? Was thinking it would be fun to fish some glow in the dark flies.

Greg Armstrong

If I had to choose a favorite time of day, sunset would be it. One of my favorite situations is to have a high tide topping out at sunset; The low light of alpen glow on the distant peaks, that roseate blush to the clouds, the first stars showing, swinging a fly on the fresh tides, intoxicating. http://olympicpeninsulaflyfishing.blogspot.com
Sheesh, Bob. Sounds like another "Paris of the West" thread!

Forks - the "Paris of the West".
It has kind of a nice ring to it... step aside Duvall!

Greg Armstrong

Greg, I do not fish tidewater anywhere near Forks.
I didn't mean to offend, Bob - I know you fish the salt well east of there for the most part.

My post was simply a poor attempt at humor in reference to the season's longest running thread touting Duvall as the "Paris of the west".
As seen here; http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/forum/index.php?threads/just-got-back-from-duvall.93156/
I believe Forks could potentially trump that claim, that's all.

In agreement with your post...evening searching/casting on the calm surface of a sultry and slow moving Puget Sound current for cutthroats can be intoxicating, especially at dusk!
But I will admit I've never tried it in the complete darkness of night in over 40 years of fishing the Sound for them.

Pez Gallo

On the hunt for grandes
Back in the day, I tried fishing at night for SRC's a few times. As late as midnight. I always felt optimistic about trying it, but never once had any success. Not even a bite.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
went out for south sound coho at night a few days ago, nothing but cutties, a couple ended up being fairly nice sized. glow in the dark comets close to shore, in the slower water, not just the deeper rips.