Pattern familiar to some... a Carey and Skwala

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    As promised, I am tying atleast one each of the patterns submitted in the 1st Timers fly swap- let me be the first to say that "these guys and gal are "good" .

    Here are a couple.

    Islander submitted a Carey Special, and I have shown here a popular steelhead version from the eastside ( Methow).... ala Davy ofcourse. :rofl: :rofl:

    Hook=# 4,6,8,10 Mustad 9672 or similar
    tail= Pheasant rump
    Body= Spun peacock herl ribbed in flat red tinsel
    Hackle= Pheasant rump collared and optionally tyed back.

    IBN submitted a nice Skwala version and I too have just finished what I hope resembles his pattern. I do know it works- three of last weeks trout came to one of his patterns,including one of the larger fish.

    Hook = TMC 200 #10 or similar
    Thread 6/0 Golden Stone
    Under body= UV green "Hareline ICE" dubbing
    Dark green foam on top = trimmed& segmented.
    Wing- Elk, topped with poly "fl red" yarn
    Under head- Brown UV ICE dubbing
    Legs- Spotted green rubber legs

    I can't wait for the rest of the patterns to arrive.

    Davy :beer2:

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