Favorite coho recipe...

Looking to try something new this year instead of my standard foil/onion/lemon/johnnys and baked routine. Going to cook up a salmon dinner tomorrow night and would love to hear how you all are enjoying your fish. Looking for something not too terribly complicated as I will be the one doing the cooking and I am no gourmet. Would love something that my guests will enjoy as fresh salmon isn't often on their menu.

Thanks for any suggestions!
This is pretty standard, but you might not have tried it.

Make a dry rub with some brown sugar, garlic power, paprika, salt and pepper. Don't go to heavy on the sugar because it melts and makes the surface of the fish wet. Filet the fish and pull out the pin bones. Coat the fish with half the rub and let it sit for an hour or two. Pat off the excess moisture and add some more rub.

You'll need a grill and some Alder, Hickory or fruit wood chips. Heat up to a medium heat set up for indirect grillling, and put the chips on to start smoking. After they start put the fish on and let it cook/smoke until It's done to your taste. I like it cooked all the way through, the smoke and rub helps keep it moist.

If that's to complex you can just grill some filets that have been soaking in some teriyaki and then brush some teriyaki glaze on right before it's done. Serve with some Asian noodle salad and slaw from the deli counter and you're good to go.


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Very Very Teriyaki or Sweet Chili pepper sauce.
I like long grain brown rice, pearl onion and peas with the teriyaki. If I have any of the teriyaki salmon left over, I make salmon burgers out of it with grilled pineapple and wasabi coleslaw.

Long grain brown rice and sweet white corn on the cob with the sweet chili pepper sauce.
Berstein's Italian Dressing makes a good marinate as well.
Soy Vey is also good.

An Indian friend of mine takes Chum and deep fries it with a light breading like at Ivar's. It's great, but would be even better with Coho.


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Couple other things I tried recently.
Take any leftover coho that you cook with the good old butter and onions and chill it overnight.
Crumble the fish up and toss it on top of a caesar salad.

You can also take the crumbled fish, seasoning of choice, one egg and bread crumbs to make a pretty kick ass salmon burger.


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The one I have been liking the best lately is quite simple
Olive oil garlic salt and some smoke black pepper.
Just drizzle the olive oil over the fish and use some thing to spread it out to make sure the filet is covered in it and than add the garlic salt and smoked black pepper. You dont want to over do it with the garlic salt so I would say go easy on it until you get the flavor you like. This is best done on a bbq and the flavor is crazy good!


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Late to the game on this but there are a few that I like. After attending culinary school I am a fan of not covering up the natural taste of the food. Basic. Simple. Delicious.

Pan seared Coho with Basil Lemon Butter
Compound Butter: Room temperature butter 1/4-1/2 stick, zest of 1/2 lemon, 3 tbsp of fresh chopped basil. Pinch of Kosher salt. Roll into with wax paper for easy slicing. Spoon room temp butter on hot pan seared salmon.

Get pan piping hot using canola oil (olive oil/butter has too low of a smoke point).Important to pat salmon dry for a good sear.Sprinkle salmon with salt & fresh cracked black pepper. Place in hot pan skin side down. Cook until 3/4 of the way through. Flip over and sear the top for a good finish.

Blackened Salmon Caesar

Skin salmon fillet. sprinkle both sides with Cajun Blackening seasoning. (can be bought or made). Pan sear until complete. Shred on top of a lightly dressed Caesar salad. don't toss salad with too much dressing or it will overpower the taste of the fish.

Enjoy!! Hope this give some ideas for salmon in the future!



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Also late, but my kids really love my maple samlon. Just lay your fillet on some tin foil. Pat dry, then brush with real maple syrup. Add a bit of salt and pepper. Then add to a pre-heated oven (425-450). If it isn't too thick of a fillet, go straight to broiling on high. If it is thick, cook for 5-10 mins, then switch to a high broil for 5-10 mins (again, depending on thickness). Be sure the fish is about 6 inches from the top broiler. You want it to crisp the maple on top like a candy coating.

Variations inlcude pre-mixing the maple syrup with your salt, pepper, ginger, soy, and brown sugar. I will also to a plank version outside on my BBQ\Smoker to get a more smokey flavor, then finish in the oven broiler to crisp the top.

Sometimes the fish will be so moist, that getting the top to crisp up just right can be difficult. Your oven and oter factors can also come in to play. If you have this issue, do the first step of oven cooking for 5-10 mins at 425-450, then you should see moisture pulled to the surface. Pat dry and brush with your syrup mixuture and then finish via the high broiler. It iwill still taste great if you don't get the crisp right, but if you do manage to get it right, you will have to fight the kids away from coming back for seconds and thirds before you've dished up yourself yet :)