FFF Fly Fishing Conclave - Ellensburg, May 3

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    From the FFF Website:

    The WSCFFF will be holding the Washington State Fly Fishing Conclave in Ellensburg, Washington on May 3, 2008. If you enjoyed last year’s event, then this year’s program will knock your socks off. The Conclave will consist of fly tying and casting demonstrations, classes, seminars, games, and competition throughout the day, followed by a reservation only dinner. This year’s dinner will feature Bob Jacklin as the keynote speaker.

    If you’re interested in learning fly tying techniques, seeing every kind of fly pattern from micros to saltwater streamers, this will be the show. Vern Jeremica has lined up demonstrations that provide something for everyone.

    This was a fun and informative fly tying event last year, and the expanded forum to include the casting demos, classes and games should be great! Link to the event webpages: HERE.

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