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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ceviche, Sep 23, 2002.

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    I need advice on fishing the beach at Golden Gardens. I gave it my first go today at the turn of high tide and came up zero. Then again, the only other guy there (using buzz bombs) also came up empty. Are there fishing people out there who have success there? What was your approach to flies and tactics? I currently have two 8-Wt rods--one 9 ft and the other 10 ft. Both are probably medium to fast action. The main reel I'm using is outfitted with the AirFlo Multi tip system. Casting it was good with the intermediate tip, so I imagine the rest should be fine. Also, am I too late to score anything good? I've been out of town for the Summer and have been home only for the past two and half weeks, so I have been out of the loop with the latest. Is there help to be found?

    --Dave E. :DUNNO
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    I'm not sure what GG is like during tidal flow, but I haven't heard that folks think its all that good for fishing anyway.

    Basically you want to fish periods of tidal motion, and in areas that have either tidal rips, eddies, kelp and other structure. But the sound fishery seems to have gotten lost, no one except for the few lucky beach fishers have caught fish in the last few weeks, and now the fish are in the lower rivers.

    Rather than GG, I would suggest that you try some bettery known spots for fish, Lincoln Park in West Seattle, Picnic Point in Edmonds, Richmond Beach Park in Richmond Beach. I also think a good spot to try would be West Point in Discovery Park. And I have heard of guys fishing in the esturary of Shilshole Bay.

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