Pattern Fiddling at the vise

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
So I re-imagined my GP variant, what I call the "Atomic General." Not sure why the GP appeals so much to me, but it has proven to have season long appeal (to me and often the Steel).

I normally tie with a marabou tail (my gallery has a pink AG tied this way), but I have been really enjoying my time with dyed skunk. So in this one I use skunk, not 'bou, and then lady amherst instead of the golden pheas. tippets. The rest of the fly is the same materials, some tied on a bit differently. I like the look and the top especially caught my eye. I think it will hold up in faster water better than the marabou version and have lots of motion still in soft water.

20130509_134207.jpg 20130509_134248.jpg

This monstrosity is a mix of skunk, amherst, pear braid and various crystal flash, flash a bou and holo-flash (as well the obvious bullet head). 55mm Waddington shank. I was dreaming of chinook when I tied this. I shall soon know if this fly can make a Springer turn it's lusty eye towards me.