Finally found my first SRC


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Woke up to the alarm this morning and tried to see what the weather was like as best I could without leaving the bed. I contemplated not even bothering, but I got myself up, peaked outside, and realized it was clear, and at worst a little breezy.

I headed to a local beach, not expecting much more than to try out my new switch rod. I haven't made it over to the other side of the sound to find better SRC fishing yet, so the lack of bites has been a bit frustrating.

I showed up to the beach with just enough time to get rigged up and be casting a bit before the high. The 100% chance of rain and 22 mph gusts were not around and it was just plain gorgeous out.

Water was looking really good too. Clear, high, and with a good bit of current. I worked my way down and looked for some seams or calm water amongst the chop. The wing was around, but it was a South wind, and the Echo SR handled it nicely, even though it was underlined (new lines are on my Christmas list).

I tried a few different flies, and made my way around the beach, but wasn't getting any love. I swapped over to a new pattern I had seen on here, which is the only thing I've gotten a bite on so far in the salt(little 10" rezzie). I worked my way back up the beach and tried in a slightly calmer area just around the bend from all the chop and current. Right after my first cast I see a nice little searun leap into the air. I cast over to it, but no luck. Oh well, at least there's some life.

I make a few more casts into the area, and I stepped back to the beach a bit to not get too far out. I switch up my retrieve, thinking big long sweeps will work better with this fly. Sure enough, this ends up getting some attention, and I get slammed! By the way he's rolling and flopping, I think it's a rezzie, but then realize its a SRC! And not a bad sized one either!

I was super stoked to have finally connected with one, and have it not be a dink, and have it happen at one of my local beaches that I was starting to lose hope in. Just plain awesome.

I get him back quickly, and make another cast and just repeat what I was doing, and... BAM! Another SRC slams the fly. This one is a bit smaller, but goes ballistic and puts up a great tussle . Another beautiful searun.

I tried for a bit longer, but that was it. What an awesome morning, and what an awesome way to break in a new rod and fly.


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Nice going Arvin? Right? Nice meeting you at the Holiday fly swap. I woke up this morning to sunshine too, but by the time I got around to going out the wind kicked up here and I got lazy. Enjoy those "year-around" cutthroats! You'll get addicted soon enough!


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It sounds like you also put to hand a Cut on a fly you tyed. Is that correct? If so a three base hit. If not a a dubble is always nice.
I'm waiting to reliece my first on a fly I tyed.


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I'm sorry. Maybe baseball is not your cup of tea. That means you may not understand what I'm talking about. Also I'm not known for being able to smell my words marry well. But I'm fun at parties.

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whoa buddy slow down, I was joking bout the sloppy post, no need to get all defensive but yes a diagram of a baseball diamond would be nice, maybe throw in a flow chart or something too, because the whole baseball thing is way to complicated. smiley winking face

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way to edit your post after I replied, your original reply was quite a bit snarkier. something to the effect of "do you need me to draw a base ball diamond?" I'd assume with douchey undertones. whatev over it please ignore what you just read here and keep talking about the original post nothing to see here people, move along.


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Your right. I sent the post before I saw your wink face. I edited it after i saw it i was not trying to enter into a spat thats not my way. Again I'm sorry it was my mistake not yours. it is so hard to tell when someone is joking on line. You did the right thing in adding the wink I just didn't see it right away.