Fins - floaters or sinkers?

I've read comments on various boards about the pros/cons of fins that float.

Pro - if they come off, they come to you.
Con - your feet can float up in front of you if you're not kicking.

Is the "feet floating" issue a real concern? The lost fin issue could be resolved with "fin keepers", so I'm not too concerned about that.

Ideas and comments??

I have the outcast floaties...$30. they work well. (Easy to take off and put back on while cruising down the river in the pontoon).

I'm not excited about diving for fins while fishing...

my vote: floating is a plus :THUMBSUP (they don't float enought to float your feet, it's not really an issue)


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Since your feet and legs will "float up in front of you" whether your fins float or not (sit back in your float tube and try it some time), what possible disadvantage could there be to floating fins?

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I might be old---but I'm good.

I was wondering about what fins to buy. I have some of the kind that you use for swimming. Are those good or do I need the ones made for tubbing. Questions,Questions,questions. Jim S. :DUNNO


Swim fins are probably a poor substitute for an actual tubing fin. Fins that are too stiff seem to tire you out faster than a softer, more supple fin. I am still using 2 1/2 sets of the original Caddis large rubber fins that are at least 15 years old. They make those fins still but they are molded out of plastic instead of rubber. I have tried some of the newer model fins but to date haven't seen anything that is a definate improvement over what I have been using. Ease of attachment is another issue to consider as is the type of footwear that the fin fits over. I buy inexpensive tennis shoes with velcro closures and trim them to just fit the fin by cutting away rubber with a box knife. They last for years, cost under $20 and allow you to get out of your tube and walk around on rocks or even hike into a lake without lacing up a pair of heavier wading boots.
Thanks for all the comments! I ended up buying some Montana Kickers because they would fit over my size 13's! I tried on the Caddis and Browning which wouldn't fit. The Force Fins probably would, but my check book didn't fit them. Looks like I've finally run out of excuses to get out on the lake.