Pattern First Bass Fly

Big E

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I made myself a New Year's resolution that I was going to work with deer hair this year.

My first bass fly, a zoo cougar, for your inspection...

I definately need a bigger hair stacker.


Ed Call

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Big_E, I like it. I spun a few of those up for a swap a year or so ago. They were a bit of work for my skill level. I did some in olive, natural and black. I like the deer collar that you did not trim away. I might like for a slightly larger trimmed head. My tails were not as full as yours but I like the fullness. I think the next time I whip some up, should I decide I'm going to get into bass fishing, that I'll add some rubber legs. That zoo cougar is attention getting though, keep on tying them. How much deer hair clippings did you eat or inhale during the making of that fly? I get that stuff everywhere.

Big E

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Thanks for the compliments.

Took maybe 1/2 hour to tie. I took my time. Yeah...deer hair underfur and clippings all over. Very messy.


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I like the fly without neatly stacked hair...just the way it is. Makes it look more natural.
That's a seriously fishy looking fly, good job!
I love Zoo Cougars, they are Great trout streamers.. always ready to fish them when I know some big Ones are nearby. I tye and carry them in Yellow, Olive, Black, white, and interestingly enough,Blue...

I have never used them for bass, but since my favorite bass flies are Muddler Minnows and marabou Muddlers (both tyed with Larger then normal heads) I would imagine Bass will eat them as well.....:cool: