First Drift in the Scadden Renegade

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by LCnSac, May 20, 2012.

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    Made my first river run tonight in the Renegade, but actually it's my first time rowing solo on moving water. I've always used a kayak or canoe before, so this was a new experience for me.

    The Lower American is generally a Class I river with a couple of light Class II rapids so this was a good place to start. I loved it. Seriously was ecstatic after the short 3-4 mile drift with one long stop on a bar to nail Shad which are a blast on a 5-6wt rod.

    The Renegade was incredibly responsive and fast. I knew just enough to point to and row away from obstructions and the ''toon literally leaped across the currents, so fast one time that I had to reverse the maneuver as I was headed rapidly toward the opposing bank. Anchoring was easy outside of current seams with little current, and we even hooked fish while drifting. The Lower A gets very crowded during Shad season, but we had most of the river to ourselves as most of our spots were boat access only. As the access is only five minutes from my house, I feel pretty lucky and also feel pretty stupid not to have done this before.

    I'm ready to try a little more challenging river. I'm glad I had a friend with me who knew which side of the river to pick, and I'd want that anyplace where I didn't know the water well. Now I understand why so many on here prefer drifting over stillwater.