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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Gary Knowels, Dec 3, 2012.

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    As I have been planning my first rod build I have read many articles and talked to some very knowledgeable people. One thing that would have helped me a lot (and maybe it exists, but I didn't find it) would be a checklist of all of the materials needed to produce a rod. I think the list should be generic.
    That said I set forth to create one for myself and perhaps it could be pinned somewhere to help others that may be in the same situation as I am.

    Rod blank
    reel seat
    winding check
    stripper guide(s)
    line guides
    tip top
    wrapping thread (size A)
    tip top adhesive
    Rod builders epoxy
    rod finish
    hook keeper (optional)
    fighting butt or reel seat end cap if not provided with reel seat
    denatured alcohol/95% ethanol
    nail polish remover
    small plastic cups
    4"x4" pieces of aluminum foil
    small nylon bristle brushes
    latex/nitrile gloves
    straight razor blades
    coffee filter
    masking tape
    knitting needle or credit card for adjusting thread wraps
    rod wrapping jig, either purchased or made from wood, cardboard, or styrofoam
    rod turner either purchased or homemade (optional)
    plenty of free time and patience

    So to all of you more experienced rod builders, is there anything that I left off of the list that should be included?

    YAKIMA AKA: Gregory Mine

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    Tape measure
    Acetone - replaces the finger nail polish and alcohol
    Rat tail file to fit the grip
    Fine tweezers
    Good lighting
    Plastic stirring sticks. do not use wood as it will cause bubbles (your worst enemy)

    Coffe filter?
    Hook keeper? Yes

    Dont forget to file the snake guide feet down to a smooth transition with the blank.
    To mix your flex coat (if your using that) use the bottom of a pop/beer can, the indent is great for mixing and applying it.
    2 thin coats will do much better than one heavy coat. just soak the threads with the first coat, then finish it off with the second. think of it as the first coat does all the work, the second coat is for show.

    Take your time, then take more. Even if it comes out and you aren't happy with it, strip it off and do it again. With the exception of the grip/reel seat, nothing is written in stone.

    Good luck and have fun
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    A few pull-through loops, made from either your rod thread or fine monofilament. (Add a little "handle" of bright yarn, chenille, feather, etc. to make them easier to find.)