First salmon on the fly

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    Today i had the pleasure of going fishing with Dave Alberts and James Jimenez. James and i were supposed to meet up at 0545 and i did not get there till about 0615. When we got out Point Defiance Dave and the other boat were just about ready to go. We hit the water and split up for the fist half of the day. At my fist spot i got into a fish and had him in about 10ft from the boat when he decided that he wanted to act like a silver and took me to my backing and snapped a 12lb leader, that was attached to my floating line. After that there was no action for a while and we met up with the other guys at Browns Point. There were pinks jumping everywhere! When we got to out spot James's boat had just landed a fish. Then nothing for about 30 minutes. So we all decided that it was lunch time. I ended up switching my line to an intermidiate line and when the school came through Dave had the first pink in the boat for us. Then James hooked up, and about the time when he lost it i had a hook up and a fish to hand. About 5 minutes pass and James hooks up and i hook up. Dave told me that i should keep my line in the water while he cleaned the fish. (Thank you Dave). So when he was done cleaning the first fish i was just about ready to land the second one. When we got it in the boat agian Dave told me to get my line in the water and once again when he was done cleaning that fish i had another hook up and fish in the boat. The first two were female and the last was a good male with sea lice still on it. James had a few hookup and then on one of the fish he had a "Seal" take his fish and swim off with it. After the excitement we tried for awhile longer at that spot and ended up going over in Commencement Bay to see what we could do. We did not hit anything for awhile utill Dave hooked up on a fighter as the last fish of the day. Overall it was a great day, the pictures are from James. Thanks again Dave for a great outing. Just so everyone knows James and i fish together pretty often and i have to give him a hard time because today is the first day that i have had more fish to hand than him in like 10 outings together. Fly Fishing.jpg Fly Fishing 2.jpg
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    Nice dude glad you guys got into some fish. Sounds like some epic fishing. Good stuff!

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