First Steelhead on the FBP

Matt Burke

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Today was my eighth guy out on the Fishing Buddy Program. Man, I’ve been running guys through some pretty fishy water and no love. Saw a few, walked guys over fish and they spooked for some unknown reason, just couldn’t get a connect. Today I was stressing because I was down to my last pennies for gas. Didn’t fish all week just so I could make it out today. Had to break in to the kids piggy bank so I’d have enough to meet mstrofsinanju and get to work. After that, I’d figure out how to get home from work. We walked a mile of river. Got him into a good swing for Steelhead and then it happened. 6 pound plus Buck. His first. Had to leave him up there to get to work now. Promised I'd post a pic for him. Wait until he see this.

Mike Etgen

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Good on both of ya's. :thumb:

Matt, you gotta be proud do what you're doing for these guys. Your idea is hands down the best thing I've seen come out on this site in a long time.
Great job fellas! That must have been a thrill for both of ya! That fish is eyeballin the river isn't he? I've seen other pics similar and they always seem to be looking down at the water.


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Many thanks to Matt...
Put me right on top of the fish. What an outstanding morning. Matt was A big help in every way. Even had A couple of flies for me to try. The steelie hooked was on his tied fly. This guy has guide quality written all over him. His tips and pointers on productive water sure held true this day!
First Steelhead on the fly. This will be one to remember forever.

Kent S.