First Steelhead!

Well, it took me a week of fishing twice a day to finally hook into my first steelhead. My river of choice was the Green. It was where I learned to fly fish and where I wanted to catch my first steelhead. I was using a spey rod, and after this week I feel pretty dang comfortable casting it... On friday I finally accepted defeat after only C&Ring a Chinook at Kanaskit Palmer with no other bites the whole week.

After this Cougar football filled weekend of events I decided to work off the hangover and go catch me some trout on the Green. I usually like fishing alone but a friend pretty much invited himself along. I wouldn't of minded as much if he knew how to fly fish but now I'd have to go through the frustration of teaching.

I was using my 3WT to show him how to cast my #14 elk hair caddis into a run that looked fishy when all of a sudden I got a pretty hard strike. I didn't set the hook, which is a good thing. I knew I wasn't properly geared for a fish that size with my 3WT so I asked for my 5WT that I was letting my friend use. I tied on the same fly and gave her another go and this time I set the hook properly. My reel was screaming and I was shaking from the excitement and satisfaction.

I wasn't sure it was a steelhead until it got closer and I could see the chrome reflecting from the sun. After a couple of good runs and acrobatics and me worrying about the size of my fly and light leader I got it on its side within a couple feet of me. Before I could take hold of it and take a picture it broke off the hook with a sudden burst of energy.

I can't really describe how happy I was/am but what a great feeling and a great way to show my friend what fly fishing is all about. Turns out it was a good thing he was there because he did happen to snap a picture of me bringing the fish in. I would say at least 20" but it all happened so fast I couldn't really get a good measurement.

Thanks for reading!


Awesome Greg!!! How fun is that?! I remember my first, and I wish I had done what my buddy did. -> Take that picture, and frame it with the fly stuck to the picture inside.

Anyway, nicely done Greg...nicely done. Who needs 1000 casts right? :p
Thanks guys! It was a blast!

Dave- Thats a good idea on framing it with the fly, I'll probably get around to doing that tomorrow.
Yep, you'll be glad you did. It's been over 10 years now, and I'm jealous of my buddy's pic of his first. Although, he went a bit "above and beyond".

He has the pic, the date, time of day, fly, and the weather that day (inside the frame). Funny thing though.... With all that information on his first steelie to hand (ever) and with a fly rod to boot, he didn't mention that it was ME that put him on FOUR fish on first day out!

Yeah, he kinda left that info out of the picture. Not like I really care or anything :p:p:p.

He actually fished for TEN years with a bait rod, and never caught a steelie. Can you believe that? I would have quit after the first time out if I didn't catch one.

Anyway, I think how you got yours is really cool! I can't really take credit for that idea, but have fun with it. :)

Craig Pablo

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that's sweet! Although I've caught steelhead on nymphs I've never got one on a skater or a swinger, I have been putting in my time for sure!

David Dalan

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Awesome! I've yet to get one on top, and when i lived there, I never got the GR to cough up a steelhead. So double good on you :)

I keep my first fly, sits in a mustad box on the tying bench.


I hope she likes whitefish
#10 rose a steelhead to a dead drifted caddis........FOR YOUR FIRST STEELHEAD??!!!ZOMG11BBQ!!!!

Forget it...stop right now. You'll NEVER top that.

Raising a steelhead to a skater is my new goal in life. Of course it'd be easier if I actually fished skaters and left the T14 at home, but that's a different story.

Anyway, congratulations, you'll be reliving that moment often over the course of your fishing career.
GO COUGS! It was crazy, all week I was swinging green butt skunks and matuka patterns deep and shallow. Never even tried dry, mainly because I couldn't find a floating MOW tip (do I need a MOW full floating line to fish dry flies with a 500g skagit line?) Then when I went trout fishing and was skating this #14 caddis, my luck turned around. Guess that's just how it works.
Thanks again!