Trip Report First winter coastal seatrout trip & new line test!

sketch-1510340186982.png This is the line I bought at the start of the year when I got my Sage X 8wt, it's not a bad line but the bird nesting of the running line is horrible, more ruined casts then good ones, used it a few times on the coast in the spring & a couple times last month on the river, think i'll try & sell it! sketch-1510340226526.png sketch-1510340246477.png This is what I bought last month when my local flyshop had it's birthday week, got - 22%, 7wt line for a 8wt X! sketch-1510340400434.png And the leader, stroft from Germany makes damn good leaders line! sketch-1510340163959.png Put it all together this week! sketch-1510340477477.png Almost at the water & was getting excited, left home just after 12:00 today, takes some 1hr 15min to get to this place! sketch-1510340497772.png Then it was time to start the almost 30min walk along the shore to get to the area i wanted to be! sketch-1510340516486.png Seen a swan! sketch-1510340539888.png This side was getting more wind when i got around the corner! sketch-1510340566467.png Got to where I wanted to be & it didn't look good! sketch-1510340587080.png Wading here isn't to easy when the sea is calm because the rocks you see on the shore are the same under the water, so I headed back towards the van! sketch-1510340608663.png Watch out for the boogy man! sketch-1510340636639.png More swans! sketch-1510340656748.png Started to get dark! sketch-1510340685836.png This is where i casted most, easy wading! How is the new line? Awesome! Love it, i've always heard it's the best line for our Baltic sea! Just like other Guideline lines i own, there is very little if any bird nesting of the running line & the couple of times this line did it came undone very easy! The 7wt line felt beautiful on this 8wt rod in short, medium & longer casts & when everything came together properly I pulled off a few long casts! It loved staying straight, not sure if tracking is the correct word? I'm very impressed with this line but some people might not like that it doesn't have any welded loops! sketch-1510340715446.png Casted more here till it was to hard to see, wish i had some fish pictures, maybe next time? Might be to early, it started warming up again here +6 Celsius today, try some other places one day soon! Cheers Adam


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Nice report Adam.

Really good looking water.
I've heard good things about those Guideline lines.
I've looked at those before and wish they made it in a full intermediate. I'd give one a try if they did.
The fast intermediate has a good sink rate and I like the grain window and length of the heads.

Greg Armstrong

Beautiful place to spend a day. And nice photos too.
I'm curious about the run timing/cycle of the sea trout in that beautiful part of the world. I would have thought those fish would be in the rivers by now? Please educate me!
Best time for coastal is early spring & early winter here, Denmark has coastal all year I've heard but slows right down in summer! Spawners come up river as early as late July & August if water flows are good? Salmon will also come early with good water flows, now would be the time whitefish are coming up river & not so many, but some big salmon! Seatrout would be coming less & less now already & are all black = real spawning colours! I honestly don't know if seatrout miss a year spawning? Or if the early spawners go & freshen up quick & play on the coast? But they are in both places at the same time, silvers & blacks! I can ask someone cos' I've wondered sometimes too! Hooked & lost a big black barstard one spring years ago way up river, 30min drive, buddy said it must have been there all winter!?!