Fish Finders...What do you use or want!

My FB 12o using 6 AA’s goes around 5 days if I turn it off while anchored up. The past few summers i have used it on 5-6 day fishing trips to MT and never switched batteries.


I don't know for sure but I've heard that color causes a serious battery drain for the FBs... I don't have a problem using the gray screen. Works well enough for me.


Awesome, one of my buddies has a Cabela's holder that he said didn't work for him and has tried to give to me a couple of times guess I will take him up on his offer. Thanks for the great picture Gene! Aren't the super cats a great platform. Got mine from Keith at the Valley Fly Fisher awhile back.
Yes, very crafty design. During my writing days I was able to buy directly from the factory (originally in Washington State) before Keith opened his doors but I did point out his shop as a good place to buy a SuperCat.

Make sure the Cabela's holder is the hard style. I'm pretty sure they once sold one that was nothing more than a fabric loop with attaching straps and that style doesn't work all that great because there is no support for the sonar stem.


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I have two Fishin Buddies and they are OK for depth finding, but that's about it...I rarely use them any more. Now I just cast out and find depths on my own with full sink lines. You know when you're on the bottom. :D

I also use Ropers approach, no batteries no wires no hassles. I do mark my anchor lines every 5 ft. on my pram, so I know the approximate depth when I post up.
Unless I am fishing a new lake they really aren't that helpful to me personally. I find for myself I enjoy fly fishing more that way. Its just more laid back even if I catch a few less trout.

Less gear, more beer.
Thanks for some good info here.
Question for those you there any advantage or disadvantage to having a portable unit like iBobber or Deeper Pro compared to telescopic finder like the fish buddies? Seems like the portable ones are more convenient and have gps. Are they lacking something the the fishing buddy has!
careful, i made a thread about using these from a float tube once and half the forum got there panties in a bunch and claimed it was a worse idea then gillnetting the elwha.
Have you heard of the Deeper Pro fish finder? It is castable, controlled by your smart phone and gives all kinds of info. After watching several YouTube videos where these were used it seems like the way to go.

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Which do you prefer?
They don't make the 120 any more but I prefer it. I bought it in 2002. It has sideways sonar and it takes 6 AAs while the new Max takes 8. The Max also is in colour which is nice but not a requirement and therefore it burns batteries up much quicker than my 120 did. I have had to have the 120 repaired twice now and I've been told that next time it won't be repairable. The first repair was replacement of the battery pack when the wiring eventually gave out. The second repair last year was to replace the lower part of the unit where the transducer is.

One additional point I learned through experience was to always remove the batteries when not in regular use and if travelling from lake to lake, disconnect the power cord and transducer cord. I mistakenly left them connected and the power button is very easy to activate by a simple bump while travelling and you go through batteries quicker if you leave the unit on while it's sitting behind the seat of the truck.