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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by mtp1032, Sep 4, 2002.

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    Feb 26, 2003
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    This year I have vowed to be diligent about maintaining a river/fish log. I've tried this in the past but I couldn't keep the notebook(s) dry.

    Well, last nite I was browsing in REI and saw that they sold water-proof logbooks just like the little pocket notebooks I had been using. Life is good.

    So, I bought one and am now faced with figuring out what should I log? So, I thought I'd ask the readers of the forum to share with me (and the rest of us) what they log (if they log).

    I've been thinking of the following information:

    I'd log the following when I arrived at the river:

    Weather (overcast, raining, clear, sunny, hot, cold, barometer?)
    River flow
    Water temp
    Water clarity

    If I caught, say, a steelhead, I might add the following information

    Location(GPS coordinates - I have a hand-held GPS)
    Size - Length
    Native or Wild
    Water temp (if different than above)
    Water clarity (if different than above)
    Fly and method (swing, waking, float/sink tip, etc.,)

    Thanks, in advance


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    Add circumference to size (in case you later want to estimate poundage) and it appears you've got everything you need without getting anal over it unless, of course, you want to include who you fished with.
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    I commend you.....I've tried and failed. Here is a link to a program that you can enter your log data into, then do graphic or statistical analysis. Not used it, but interested all the same.

    One item you might add is lunar information. I've had good consistent success with a program called Fishbyte - if the fish are in the area (saltwater salmon), I have consitently witnessed more fish caught/hooked etc within the time frame of feeding activity predicted by the program.

    Jim W
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    I have a fishing diary that I try to maintain. Of the days when I fish and have little luck, it hard to want to write anything about it. On the good days, I could write pages. You have everything listed that I try to put down to paper. I also write inspiring words that help keep a positive outlook for future outings. A log book is great for remembering the facts about your last visit to that certain spot. I fish all over the map and It's hard to remember the little things that may have helped that day when its months later and your back to try again. Good luck :THUMBSUP YT
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    Dec 6, 2003
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    Kirkland, WA, USA.
    I keep a fishing diary and record the following for each day on the water: date, time, place, driving/walking directions, fish caught and on what patters and water conditions. Sometimes I draw a rough map if it is an unfamiliar stream or lake. Two things are critical: (1) the date and time. You'd be surprised how you forget the exact week on which the giant sedge hatch comes off Knouff Lake unless you write it down. (2) Driving/Hiking Directions. I can't tell you how many times the directions section has saved me from taking a wrong turn on Forest Road 3330 instead of forest road 3300. I use a 4" by 6" plastic six ring notebook which I can fill with paper from an office supply store. I've filled up seven notebooks so far.
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    I keep a fishing journal at home and fill it out at the end of the day. If you want to keep one with you, "write in the rain" note pads are available. I've seen them at text book stores but I'm sure other places carry them. And pencil won't smudge like ink on regular paper.
    I record locations, times, with who, what I caught & how big, fly and line choice, methods, weather, river condition, and moon phase. With all the short hand and abreviations in my journal I doubt anyone could make sense of it. A roll of film may have fish pictures from the last month or two so it's nice to have the journal to reference the info for each pic as I put them in my albums.
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    just remember, throw 'em back

    i keep a journal for my saltwater salmon fishing. i have been sucessful in keeping up on it since August of 1999. i made a table in which i simply fill in the blanks with the appropriate info. although my dad and I fish dowriggers and gear in the salt, I thought that what I included in my journal may be useful to someone out there. one great day of fishing last fall ended up looking like this :

    DATE: September 25, 2001
    LOCATION: Shipwreck to Browns Bay (Fish), Bait Box Area
    FISH: 6/11, 6 coho
    FISH KEPT: 18#, 13#, 4# (all coho)
    FLASHER: 11 inch Chartreuse (8/11), 11 inch Green Glow (3/11)
    LEADER: 36inch
    LURE: Spatterback glow green squid W/ glow twinkle skirt (8/11) and Green/Glow Kingfisher spoon (3/11)
    SCENT: Mikes Glo Scent Herring
    HOOKS: tandem 3/0 gamakatsu
    DEPTH: 45'-75' fish @ 65', 80'
    TIME: 7:00am-12:00pm fish @ 8:30-9:45
    WATER: Calm
    WEATHER: Foggy, overcast, S-Wind

    It seems like every year I add a few things to make my log more detailed and more accurate. This year i probably start including GPS coordinates along with each fish so later on I can see what areas I consistently catch fish in. Its interesting to go back after a few years and run through it.
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    I might be old---but I'm good.

    I keep trying to do just this but I seem to not get it done. So I just keep it in my head. This stuff I can remember,but have a big problem with names.

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    This has nothing to do with the fishing side of your post. You seem to have everything covered. One thing I would suggest is if you do alot of exploring rather than fishing the same spot over and over, I would recommend copying or printing out a small map and stapling it in front of the page with your discussion so you can mark it up with notes. I wish I would have done that with some of the spots I would like to find again.

    I mainly thought I would give you some advice on logistics. Where I work we do alot of wet and dirty environmental field work. We use the rite-in-the-rain brand stuff. Their web site is below. They have great field books and you can buy blank paper to run copies of maps, forms, etc. But, half the battle is getting a pen to work so buy one of their special pens. They are pricey, as pens go, but make a world of difference. We order right from the distributor, who is on the web site and is right down in Tacoma. If you do a search, you might be able to find retailers with lower prices.