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    Here is a simple, delicious recipe for fish.I am a curry junkie and love flavors from India, Thailand etc. A little prep involved but worth it.

    A firm white flesh fish like Rock cod, halibut, striper the best but I also use crappie, salmon, pike, walleye, perch


    2 med onions
    ginger grated and some of it cut up some small pieces for texture
    4 to 5 small red potatoes cut into 1 inch pieces
    one red or yellow bell pepper
    a few small carrots cut into small chunks

    2 lbs fish cut into bite sized chunks
    1 can of coconut milk
    2 quarts of chicken stock

    couple limes, and a bunch of cilantro, grated garlic
    Nam pla (fish sauce)
    curry powder
    sriracha sauce
    salt to taste
    coconut oil

    Jasmine rice cooked

    Get 2 onions. Julienne and place into a cast iron baking dish with oil and some butter (I like to cook in coco nut oil).
    Slow cook on low med heat until soft

    Start the jasmine rice. About 20 minutes to cook

    Add tumeric, curry powder, sriracha sauce,nam pla, salt to taste ( I add 2 tbl spoons tumeric, curry powder)

    Add grated ginger and some small ginger chunks.

    Cook a few more minutes.

    Add chicken stock, coconut milk

    Bring to slow boil. Add potatoes, carrots, peppers
    Turn down heat low med and cook until potatoes are soft . About 10 minutes

    Add chunked fish. Cook about 5 minutes on medium. Don't over cook. I grate some lime zest into soup

    Take off heat.

    Place a large scoop of jasmine rice bottom of bowl

    Add a few ladles of soup on top. Squeeze 1/2 lime and add chopped cilantro on top

    An IPA accompanies very well
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