Fishin' this weekend?

Hey all,
Every now and again my inexperience shows through and I have to ask a silly question. I've only started hunting the anadromous species since the fall of last year when then water stayed low and clear throughout the winter.
Well, it appears we have a different situation this fall(winter?).
When the waters are this high do any of you brave the currents or do you designate the weekends for tying or other like things?
Your comments'd be much appreciated. I'd sure like to go and visit my Green this weekend. I hear someone let the dogs out :)

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Well, I would usually make that decision by the evening before the trip. The Green is a safe bet after a flood, as it is a regulated river, and consequently comes into shape quick, and never goes far out of shape unless there is a gollywhomper of a storm, and this week's doesn't count as Southcenter did not get flooded.

Now, if the rivers stay high (like the green is now), I would either stay home, or hit a open lake.

So now you know where I'll be.
I drove out to the hiway 18 bridge this pm just to see what the Green actually looked like. Lots and lots of brown water. I actually saw fish rolling in the flooded boat launch area so I messed around with my 8 wt long enough to get backcast snagged twice on the power pole in the parking area. Not pretty.
Drove up to Metzler park and talked with a guy who had turned back on the trail because the water was higher than the boots he was wearing.
Went in to Auburn Sports and the guy said the river wouldn't come back into shape until monday. I'd like to take my future son-in-law to the Green on sunday so I'm asking the same question as Steelworker, for those with a lot of experience on the Green-- what effect do you think 2 days of settled weather will have on that stream?
My guess is that the answer, as usual, will be a judgement call on sunday, but I am still interested in any experienced opinions.
I am just taking a break from packing for a trip t the west end{forks}.There are some smaller creeks and tribs that clean up pretty quick long drive though, solduck river usually clears up real quick


Be the guide...
Fishing can actually be better in high water if you work at it a little. The fish are usually concentrated tight against the bank and holding in the the softer eddys. The trick is just finding the right place (not always an easy task - but once you do, you'll never regret it). Your normal spots will probably be out of the question. Also, try finding a smaller creek that hits the river. They will clear quicker, and will create a section of water in the main river that has better visibility.
I usually just watch the river levels and wait until the river starts dropping and clearing. Fishing while the river is rising and getty muddy can be dangerous (you don't know how high and how fast it will rise) and the fish don't bite quite as well.
So I guess I'm saying - don't be afraid to hit the river this weekend. You may miss out on some hot action.

Short casts, working against the banks and slow water, larger flies...