Fishing Buddy 140 C Disassembled.

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    I mentioned doing this a couple months ago after I bought the Renegade. I didn't want anything on the outside of the raft and I knew I would only be using it on this raft. A fair amount of work to get it to this point: electrical potting compound isn't easy to take apart! The transducer and the inside tube is now 16" long. I used a PVC 'T' 1 1/4" ID with a 3/4" female threaded end on the 'T'. I threaded 7" of schedule 80 3/4" tube in the 'T' and put foam pipe wrap over that. The pictures show the amount the transducer will slide inside the fitting, I used gorilla tape to make a wedge so when I push it down it's rigid, to raise it I have a string taped on with a clip to keep it out of the water. Fits snug inside the wedge formed by the top and bottom of the seat. I can still use the side finder by turning it side to side and it's out of the way. The battery pack is in the saddle bag and the screen stays put by zipping the top most of the way closed. If I ever wanted to upgrade to a better finder/sounder I would do it just like this.

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