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Have a question for everyone out there. Alright, my grandpa wants to make a trip up to Alaska, and he is planning on taking my brothers and I. When would you recommend making the trip, what time of the year. I have read that the fishing is great all year around, but I am just looking for some advice. I would like to go for some kings, if at all possible, but doesn't really matter I guess, if that helps. Also, what wt of rod do you think I will need? Any kind of advice would be great on fishing up there, location, what to use, time of year, anything, thanks again.

Hello JR.. I wouldn't go up there with anything less than a 9wt. A couple of years back I went up there the first week of June and had a great time on the Kasilof...

Can't really tell you much more than that though...


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Well, even that little bit helps. Thanks. I am really excited to go, I can't wait, I don't know when we are going to, wont be for a while, but I still can't wait. 9wt huh, thanks. I know my new rod wouldn't be enough, I bought it mainly for the trout around here, it is a 5wt Loomis, but I was planning on using my 8wt rod, I am in the middle of making it for the winter runs around here, already have the blank and everything, and I don't really have the money to purchase a new pole, so I hope the 8wt will do. Well maybe I will have enough money to purchase something bigger by the time we go, but I will probably just give it a try with my 8wt. It isn't that I don't respect your oppion, just don't have the money. Thanks a lot.
yes sir i would say first few weeks in june you should get kings and a few sockeye depending where you go also some real nice rainbows too about 10lbs.,8wt for trout is good, for kings ?????? i think too small, atleast where i was (bristol bay area)if you can afford it go to brooks lodge and fly fish with the bears it looks like fun, anyhow hope your trip goes well and keep us posted on how you did :THUMBSUP


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I just got back from Bristol Bay - fished the Alagnak River. I used my 8 wt for the Kings and Silvers, but used my 5 wt for the rainbows. Makes it much more fun. AND, to be honest, I hooked into a few silvers with my 5 wt and had no problems.

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I would second the Bristol Bay idea. I worked for a seafood company in the bay for two months this summer and all I did on my free time was flyfish. I would reccomend going late, around now, if you want to get into some trophy rainbow fishing, or earlier(june,july) if you wanted to get into the kings.

As for gear, I used my 8 wt and it worked great until I broke it on a pike. After that I used the 5wt with no problem. I landed plenty large pike, dollies and reds. Bristol bay is a flyfishers dream. I was in Dillingham and fished the Wood river and the lake Alegiknagik(sp?). There is awesome fishing up the entire tiktick(sp?) lake chain. There are also numerous places to stay on the wood and also Nushagak river. Good luck and if you are curious about anthing else about Bristol Bay, email me [email protected],com

good luck
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Wow, thanks everybody, this is a lot more info than I was expecting. It is very helpful. I was planning on going in June/July if I can, but don't know, and it is nice to have some people to back up my choice in month. Thanks. I still need to talk to my grandpa about it too, but he is pretty much free all the time. I might actualy be able to make two trips up there next year. One with my grandpa, and the other with my friend. He went up there this year to work (he isn't that big of a fisher, but I still can't believe he didn't fish at all), he had a good time, made a lot of money and had a lot of free time. He is planning on going up there for about two months next summer, and he wants my brother and I to go with him to work, and just fish basicly, so I might spend basicly all summer up there if it works out good :LOVEIT . Well thanks again, and I will keep you posted on when I am going to make the trip up there.

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If you are looking to catch Kings on a flyrod you should look up Tony Weaver in Anchorage, he's a great teacher and guide ans specializes in Kings on the flyrod. He's written about it a year or so ago and did a great essay on gear,flies, rigging etc. He's also a first class guy. You'll probably fish in June on the Kenai for them.Good Luck!

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If your grandpa is going to finance a nice guided trip, try Alaska West (based in Issaquah, I think - you can find their web site by doing a Google search on Alaska West) which runs a nice tent camp on the Kanektok River south of Bethel and just upstream from a little Inuit village called Quinhagak. I fished there this summer and had a great time. I don't know if the folks who run it were blowing smoke, but they said it is a much better river to flyfish for kings than some of the other well known rivers in Alaska (many of which are very deep and therefore hard to fish effectively with a fly rod). On the Kanektok, the kings run best in the latter part of June (I know someone who went with a big party in early June a couple of years ago and not a single king was hooked by anyone in the party). The kings are not easy to catch, unless you're good at slinging 24' sink tips off a 10 wt. rod, but there was great fishing for chums on 8 wts. and awesome rainbow fishing a bit farther up river on 6 wts (a 5 wt. would probably be okay too). Throw some artic grayling and big dollies in for good measure. Later in the summer the coho, sockeye and pinks come up river (I can't remember in which order). A guy I know went in July and did a week-long float trip from the Togiak Wildlife Refuge down to Quinhagak and caught all 5 species of Pacific salmon, rainbows, dollies and graylings. I'm not sure who he went through for that - it might have been Duncan's, which is the other outfitter with operations on the river. If you go through Alaska West, they can take you up the Arolik (a tributary of the Kanektok), which is supposed to be awesome for rainbow fishing. When I was at the camp there was a group that was fishing the Arolik every day and coming back with tales of multiple bows over 25". If you fish for kings, you're a bit crazy to fish with anything less than a 9 or 10 wt. If you're actually fortunate enough to hook a king on a fly rod, it is very possible you'll have a 30 - 40 lb. fish on the end of your line, and these things do not mess around when hooked. I think an 8 wt. would be overmatched by a decent sized king.

By the way, the Alaska West gig was an angling addict's dream. You would fish for 10 hours with a guide, then go back to camp for a very nice meal. If you hadn't had enough, at "night" you could head to the far side of the island across from the camp and get in some good rainbow fishing (hint - they dump what's left of the carcasses of cleaned fish out there, so there's some big fish in there that love a good flesh fly). Or, you could bushwack through the tundra trees to fish for chums and dollies in some slackwater areas. The sun didn't go down until about 1 a.m., so you could get 3 or 4 hours of fishing in after dinner. Just thinking about it again makes me drool.


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You can also try We went unguided, but when we returned he was fixin' to leave with some others. He seemed like a pretty nice guy. Anyhow, there's his site.

- DW
OK Fellas

How about a tangent on this tread.....I'm thinking about doing the Alaska thing for Trout next year. Any web sites to recommend or maybe wait til the winter sportman's shows like the Little Puyallup? Sounds like June is the right month. Any other thoughts? I'd love to see the Denali also.

Thanks! Flogger ........Tight lines!


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Here's a few sites...I think most of them are on the Alagnak because that's what I just did. But if you're going for trout.....we caught trout that were pushin' 30 inches. We're doing the Moraine River next summer....and I guess the average is 20 - 25 inches.

On another note, having a guide is great, but we've gone unguided for the past two years (and will continue to go unguided) and have done just fine. The only thing the guides are for is to help you around camp. We found out plenty of information during our layover in anchorage. We rented a car and did our last bit of shopping and bought all our flies. There's an AWESOME fly shop up there - Custon Rod & Tackle. The guy is one of the best around. He gave us all the tips, all the right flies...and explained what works and what doesn't.

Oh, one last'll need a float plane to get to the rivers....we've used Branch River Air both times. Great people....drop me an email if you want more info.

Anyhow, hope this helps.

- DW
DW! Geez dude... thanks abunch for the info!

I'll be checking all these links out! 20- to 30 inch trout! That's what I'm looking for (I'm still new to the fraturnity and you know how we newbies go thru that BIG thing)!

Being new I probably would do well with a guide to learn some of the nuances of the rivers....maybe the next year or the one after I could do it without guides. But once again thanks so much for the info!!!!

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Dave, It's Whitey. We talked on the phone today and I forgot to ask which outfitter did you guys go with, for the raft and all? I still can't find where the Moraine is. Anyway, Lenice is calling, when we going to hit it up? :THUMBSUP YT
You mentioned Moraine. I guided in the Iliamna area for several years and will give you this brief advice about Moraine (for rainbows, anyway):

1. Yes, the fish are big (VERY big in the fall), but don't expect huge quantity on a regular basis.

2. Moraine (and its tribs) do get pressure from all of the lodges around there, so unless you float it, don't necessarily expect a totally solitary experience.

3. If you do float it, remember, as with any remote AK float, the river can get blown out and you'd be sunk for the rest of your trip.