Fishing related Political Question: Sarah Palin and Pebble mine?

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Please do not turn this into a discussion about presidential politics. I have a specific question about Palin's stance on the Pebble mine project threatening the bristol bay watershed, being that she hails from Alaska. Let's try to stay on that topic.

1) Where does Ms Palin stand on this project? (facts only please)
2) Would she be able to do anything for or against it? as US vp? as AK govenor? (some conjecture would be appropriate here)
3) As fly fishers, would you vote for a presidential ticket based on this issue alone, if the two options were likely to yield different results?

Again, Please keep any replies focused on the Pebble mine issue. We all know all about the other differences.

Old Man

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Well I was half leaning to McCain. But where that bitch came on board I don't know where I'm going.

Sorry this isn't about what you said but I had to put it somewhere.


"Recently, Palin said publicly she would vote no on a state initiative that said no large metal mines would be permitted to pollute streams where salmon spawn.

The initiative was aimed at the Pebble mine near Bristol Bay, a major fishery. Voters defeated it on Tuesday.

Palin hasn't made a definitive statement about the mine, but the initiative was targeted at it"


He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
1. She made a stance on it and as stated above, she is against it.

2. If she is voted into office as VP, I'm sure she will still show special interest regarding the issue but seeing her on the teli and her ability to debate, I'm sure her voice will be heavily wade upon.

3. Hmmmm? Not really but she is more to my liking as far as the other candidates.

Ed Call

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I had read that she is against mine types such as Pebble. She is also a supporter of drilling for oil and natrual gas along Alaska's north coast.

I believe that as the lead executive of Alaska her local abiliity may be more direct than as the Vice President.

I hope that I'm never in a situation that one single issue decides which way to go on a ballot, rather all that I can gather to inform myself of a candidate's record I try to read to give myself a better perspective of how a candidate would lean or what lobbyists could leverage that candidate. As a former History major and life long student (I guess I'm a slow learner) I always try to do a lot of candidate research that is outside of main stream media publications (to avoid their bias).
Hey guys, isn't the answer obvious?

McCain and Palin are more of the same.

If you want another 4 years like the last 8, vote for them.

Don't be confused by rhetoric such as "maverick".

Of course they will support special interests with little care for the environmental conseqences just like Bush.

Of course they will waste precious time making a big deal about moral values related tripe when this country's true problems are totally unrelated.

I'll guarantee there will be zero change in this country's policies if they win.

And I am not just some liberal dumbass, I really wanted to vote for McCain in 2000 but it just doesn't seem right to reward the Republicans after the last 8 years with another 4.

Matt Burke

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So what you are saying is, she has done more for fish in a shorter period of time than the years spent by all our elected female Dem's have accomplished. This is puzzling.
So what you are saying is, she has done more for fish in a shorter period of time than the years spent by all our elected female Dem's have accomplished. This is puzzling.
After reading the above it appears that she hasn't done anything.

She is FOR large mines in salmon watersheds and against any legislation that would keep them out.


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I think there's a bit of confusion. She may have stated that she was against the Pebble Mine, but she encouraged voters to defeat the republican backed bill that would have prevented the pebble mine from happening.
If ya want 4 more years like the last 8?
Or do ya want 4 years under the thumb of a person that wants to take away your rights (Constitutional) and a yes man that has been on the tax payers dole for more years than I can count.
Seems like I'm off track.
I'm not against mining, but I'm against wasting and it seems like everything that has anything to do with money gets wasted.
Oil drilling, logging, commerical fishing, building bigger hiways, more new homes, etc. When is enough, enough.
Just my .02

Matt Burke

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After reading the above it appears that she hasn't done anything.
Excuse me? She committed a crime to protect fish. I don’t see any of our Washington state women in office doing that. Now don’t get me wrong. I called my dad yesterday, a devout GOP, and told him that it was my professional opinion that if insane macain thought it was OK for somebody like the mayor of Forks to have her fucking finger on the button of our entire nuclear arsenal, then the only thing McCain can lead would be a food protest at the local nursing home.
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