Fishing report for a "non-secret" Tacoma beach Update


Topwater and tying.
After hitting Titlow on the incoming tide Monday through Thursday mornings, I finally switched to the outgoing Friday afternoon. Walked by all the little rezzies jumping in the inner bay. There wasn't enough beach yet to get to them anyway. I rigged this time to target the rezzies. A shiny little clouser instead of the Miyawaki Popper.

Worked my way out the beach to TOA with no luck. Saw a few rezzie jumpers, with a few of those looking decent sized (14 to 18 inch?). Headed back toward the car after the sun went down. Got down to where the rezzies were jumping and sipping and figured "what the hell". There was enough beach and a little backcast room. Cast a few times over the area and was just about to pack it in when this little guy decided to play!

After cutting him loose I figured that was enough fun for the day! Plus I had a knot in the leader and would have wanted to put a different fly on for the sippers. Too dark for my eyes by then.

5 days, one fish, but the skunk is off!!!