Fishing report - Monroe area lakes


Be the guide...
So i've been trying to learn a few lakes in my new neighborhood between short scouting trips to the rivers.

I've fished lake Tye a few times and ran into a few board members there. Not the prettiest lake in the world. Kinda like fishing Green lake in Seattle without the joggers. I haven't had a chance to fish it on my own yet, but i've taken the boys down and fished with them from the bank and did a short trip in the boat. No trout for us, but we mainly focused on the little blue gill and did OK finding them.

This weekend I headed to the 'three lakes' area just north of Monroe.

Saturday I fished with another board member mid-day and it was pretty slow. Weather was great, and the lake was nice. Well, aside from the gangsta rap music blasting us on the far end...
We were fishing from my boat and started out trolling. I don't think I was deep enough, but the other WFF guy nailed a nice fat 12 incher using a full sinking line. We then tried to take a break out of the sun and anchored up under the shade of the trees. I started casting a big stimulator tight to the brush and was soon into a few small bass and blue gill (yes, blue gill on dry flies).
At the boat ramp I chatted with an english fellow who referred to us as 'purists'. He and his 4yr old boy had a stringer full of chunky bows. He was kind enough to show us his secret weapon - slowly trolling right down the middle in the deepest parts with a sliding weight, 6-8ft leader, and a chunk of worm floated off the bottom by a small corkie. So next time I head out I'll try dredging bottom with a full sinking line and a streamer or woolly bugger of some kind...

The next evening I took my 2 yr old and 5 yr old out to the same lake armed with their snoopy rods and some fresh garden worms. They had a good time catching lots of little crappie and my 2yr old had fun reeling in an 11 inch bass while my 5yr old netted it. Between fish we had fun watching a huge bald eagle launch a viscious attack on a mother duck and her little ones. The eagle would dive, and just at the last second the mother duck would make a huge splash at the eagle and all ducks would dive under and pop up a few seconds later after the eagle passed by. In the end, the eagle went home hungry.
Personally, I enjoyed the gansta-rap, there's nothing like migrane while fishing on my weekends! ;)

I'm glad to hear you got your boys into some fish there.

Peace out!


Be the guide...
What do you know, you're just a bloody 'purist' :)

The lake was much quieter on Sunday. So much so the boys could actually hear a clear echo when they shouted...when they shouted. Of course once they figured that out, it wasn't so quiet for a while...