Fishing Talent Wanted:

Hey everyone, I'm currently a fulltime professional mountain bike photographer looking to expand my portfolio. If anyone in the area is into going out on the river one of these days and shooting some portfolio photos let me know . I'm looking for someone with character, proper gear, knowledge of the area and passionate about fishing. If your're interested contact me through the forum or my contact is below.
I also attached a few photos I've shot recently, but am looking for some other people to shoot.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing back from folks.

-Paris Gore
[email protected]

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So, what's the model fee? :cool:

Who is going to buy the photos? Are they just for stock or what?

...just curious...


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I'd be happy to help out. I'm a big guy(6'6") and I definitely have the right gear. I'm new to Washington and I'm looking to explore the new(to me) water around the Seattle area. Let me know if I fit the bill per se.