Fishing the Chum Turd?

You guys have inspired me to hit the bench and tye a sharting turd:)). I like the purple and chartruese, I've had success with blue with chatreuse, cerise and charteuse, white and chartreuse. Any thoughts on the colors for the sharting turd.


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We've tied and sold these flies at the shop for over 8 years:

The Chum Turd and it's sister, the Pink Turd, are fished exactly the same - on a floating line with a 9' 0X tapered leader or an intermediate sink line with a 4 or 5 foot piece straight of straight 12lb leader - with a long cast setting up a swing and long slow retrieves.

Both flies are on #6 Mustad 3407 or 34007 hooks. Both flies are tied exactly the same except the Chum Turd is chartreuse and the Pink Turd is pink.

Another adapted fly is the Chum Comet and the Pink Comet (the Comet is an old tried and true Northern California steelhead fly). They are also tied on the same Mustad hooks and are also chartreuse and pink.

Damn simple stuff!



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It's a good question. Yes, we can do about anything we want to do, but not all flies are fished successfully using the same techniques.


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And yes, you want to strip slowly so as to not snag or foul-hook any fish. It's always good to encourage the fish to eat.


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Whether I stripped slowly or fast the fish remained unimpressed, if not frightened, and weren't biting...After I got dressed again I did much better. :eek:)