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    Hey everyone,
    We went fishing on the north fork of the stilly this last Sunday looking for trout or whatever would bite and we found one nice rainbow at a spot that we knew of, but after that spot was exhausted, we had no idea of where else to go. We heard of some spot called the ponds, but we don't know where that is. Does anyone know of any good spots to try out in the next few weeks or so? My friend and I are in school right now and we don't get much of a chance to go out and explore the rivers, so any suggestions would be helpful. Or if there are other rivers that we should be trying. Thanks a lot.
    -Justin & Matt :jj
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    Any place that the river hits close to the road. What you need is a map of the area or river. I think the name of a good book is called Henning's Washington Fishing guide. It details Lakes and streams in Western Washington. I've had mine about ten years now and it's really dog eared. Jim S.:9 P. S. I think the ponds you are talking about is a spot on the river called Fortson pond's. They are Kids fishing holes. Like I said you really need a map or just ask anybody on the river. Most people will tell you where they are.
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    For winter fishing, forget any spot below Deek Creek at Oso. Deer Creek pours in too much mud to allow the lower river to be very fishable at all.

    Above Oso, there are a few places you should check out:

    First is at C-Post Bridge off C-Post Bridge Road the river above and below the bridge for a good distance has many nice pools and places to fish.

    The next spot is at Hazel a bit upstream, its where 530 is right next to the river, and there is a small set of parking areas above a big bend and giant pool on the river. There are many places upstream and downstream here.

    Then the Fortson hole, and Picnic Table down stream. Fortson is crowded and tough to fly fish due to the people. Picnic Table is the next hole downstream at the picnic table on the other side of the river. Fortson mill pond is at the river right there and is where the hatchery truck dumps the hatchery fish, or at least is rumoured to. The Fortson area is off Fortson Mill Road, where the powerlines are right adjacent to the road. The street sign is easily visible.

    There are other places, but these 3 are good for many days fishing. The rest are yours to find.

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