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    I just wanted to make it known that I am more than impressed with Fisknat and the owner! I have had my eye on these nets for quite some time but I never seemed to purchase one. Well, this year I put two of them on my Christmas list and low and behold, my fiance purchased both of them for me! She phoned Fisknat and they initially tried to direct her towards fly shops that sold the nets. After some calls, it became apparent that the net styles, with the wood options and the bag that I wanted were not available at any Fisknat retailer. She phoned Fisknat again and told them of this and they said not to worry. They then made both nets and had them shipped in time for me to receive for Christmas!

    The nets are of exceptional quality, they look beautiful and I am more than happy with them! Now to only get them wet. I am sold on and will be purchasing more in the future!
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